Mongolia Holdings, Inc.



brad siniscalchi, president

Mr. Siniscalchi joined Mongolia Holdings as its President in 2015. Before that he worked for Hertz Equipment Rental for 23 years in a variety of roles, culminating as Division Manager of Franchise Operations from 2011-2013. His career at Hertz Equipment Rental began in 1990 as a sales coordinator before progressing to Sales Manager then Branch Manager.  He continued to excel, climbing to the position of Regional Operations Manager, a role he successfully fulfilled for 10 years until 2013 when promoted 
to the International Division. He first joined Mongolia Holdings, Inc., in May 2014 in the interim role as Advisory Board member.

In addition to his intimate knowledge and expertise in the deployment of Hertz Equipment Rental operations and systems, he is a highly qualified sales and operational leader with expertise in all aspects of business administration, including business development, P&L responsibility, fleet management, cost controls and LEAN practices. Mr. Siniscalchi has hands-on experience in all aspects of equipment rental and in overseeing multiple business units in seven US states.

Company Chairman and Former US Ambassador, E. Michael Ussery stated: “The extensiveness of Bradley’s 23 years of experience at Hertz Equipment Rental is expected to be of immeasurable value to the Company as we embark on the deployment of our franchise operations throughout the rapidly developing nation of Mongolia.”