About Mongolia

Mongolia was the world’s fastest growing economy in 2011 and is expected to regain that position again over the next decade thanks to its immense resources and geographically strategic position. New “investor-friendly laws,” development of new mines, and rising demand for commodities, particularly from its regional trading partners. The overall improved business environment in Mongolia as well as government initiatives to reform the investment environment will greatly support foreign investments. Its Capitol City of Ulaanbaatar, the Gobi Desert and other regions of Mongolia are experiencing a boom in construction, infrastructure development and industrialization.

    •    Working parliamentary democracy
    •    Proximity to China and Russia
    •    One of the World’s top fastest growing economies
    •    Billions of dollars of foreign direct investment to fund infrastructure projects
    •    New generation of entrepreneurs and politicians emerging
    •    Proven strong commitment to regulatory and legislative reform
    •    Transformation of Ulaanbaatar into world class financial and industrial center

You can learn more about Mongolia at the US Department of State website HERE

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