Mongolia Holdings, Inc.


Gary Kucher

Chief Executive Officer

​& Board Member

E. Michael Ussery

Chairman of the Board

​(Former US Ambassador)


Our Mission

Gold was discovered in California in 1848. By May of that year reports were stating that "there's more gold in them there hills then all the people in California could take out in fifty years.” A man called Samuel Brannan opened his small store at John Sutter’s Fort, right in the heart of the gold rush. Brannan reportedly took a little gold back to San Francisco. He stepped off the train and proceeded to tell the crowds he encountered, “Gold! Gold! Gold!" By the middle of June, three quarters of the male population had left for the gold mines near Sutter’s Fort. Samuel Brannan never looked for gold, but selling shovels, picks and supplies to miners made him California’s first millionaire.

Much like the American West created fortunes in 1849, the opening of Mongolia's mining resources is creating significant wealth creation opportunities now. Until 20 years ago, Mongolia's economy was stifled under Soviet influence. The nation is now an independent democracy of three million people leveraging their vast mineral resources to create a thriving modern economy. Large scale construction and infrastructure development projects are fueling explosive growth in Mongolia. Independent investment in each of those sectors has a degree of risk, but all entities seeking to profit on those opportunities will require access to capital equipment locally.

Brad Siniscalchi​


(23 year Hertz Equipment Rental veteran)

Lewis Marks

Board Member

(Formerly with the Mark Rich Company and Glencore)